A Year of Collaboration

A Year of Collaboration

Anne Johnson, Executive Director, Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism

Welcome to a New Year in the Redwood Area! ?Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism recently celebrated another great year and at our Chamber Dinner. ?Thank you to the many of you that attended and supported this annual fundraiser. ?The gala is a great way for us to acknowledge the many successes of the year, and recognize deserving community members and organizations that make the Redwood Area amazing. ?It offers us a chance to greet a new year, with anticipated new projects and opportunities, in style.

As with each new year, opportunities for reflection are presented, as well as opportunities to monitor and adjust ongoing goals, and confirm missions and purpose. ?Progress and growth aren?t resolutions for us, but regular parts of our advancing agenda. ?One of my first ?teaching mentors used to say, ?You?re either green and growing, or ripe and rotten.?

One of our latest collaborations you?ve probably heard about is with the Redwood Area School District. ?We?ve partnered to refresh the Careers Class offered at Redwood Valley High School, a semester elective for Juniors and Seniors. ?This class is about ?Career

Exploration through Self Exploration?, and specifically focuses on ?Real-Life Opportunities? for our students, highlighting local careers and area businesses. Students are engaged through practice job interviews, job shadow experiences, as well as industry tours and business leader panels. ?There?s also a large focus on practical life skills needed for success following high school. ?Students have really been enjoying Thriving Thursdays, where local Redwood Area businesses and non profits are discussed and explored, demonstrating to our youth that our area really is thriving, and quite certainly ?green and growing.? ??More than 80 local business leaders mentored our youth, and that was just in the first semester.

We also plan to collaborate with additional entities in the Redwood Area in 2018 to bring you some new educational opportunities this year to strengthen your business and you as an individual. ?We are excited for these new adventures – stay tuned.

We?ve also welcomed a new member to our Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism Team this new year. ?Mariah Dudgeon, originally from the Wabasso area, joined us full time in January. ?She?s a wonderful addition to that group of energized young leaders we?ve been attracting back into our community. ?Stop into the office sometime to welcome her!

Collaboration is an ongoing part of our mission. ?Contact me and let?s visit about how you can be involved and help us make a difference in the Redwood Area. ?Sign up for our weekly newsletter or follow us on social media to stay engaged and know what?s going on. ?We look forward to seeing where this year takes us in the Redwood Area – Together!

Anne Johnson is the Executive Director at the Redwood Area Chamber & Tourism. This article was originally published in the Feb. 1st issue of the Redwood Gazette.